F&D Design Department

Cross Iron Mills Mall Kinetic sculpture 2010

Led by Cameron Farn, our Creative Director, the F&D Design department has grown into a full service illustration, concept and design force.
Working closely with our clients, Cameron and his team are committed to bringing to the table a diverse compliment of physical and digital tools to develop any concept into a complete and unique design.
“Our main goal is to take an idea as far as we can, have our clients become part of the exhilaration and discovery, while guiding the design through production, having been entrusted to maintain its integrity ."


Calgary Stampede Draft Town
Calgary Stampede Draft Town, 2011



Calgary Stampede Agricultural Interactive
Calgary Stampede Agricultural Interactive, 2011



Chinook Retail Carts, 2010
Chinook Mall Retail Merchandising Carts, 2010



Trojan Mask Public Art
Trojan Mask Public Art Concept, 2009


Death Race Dreadnought
Death Race Dreadnaught Concept Paramount Pictures 2007