Project Description

Strathcona County

Sadie Dalmation Sculpture

Fabrication Highlights:

• Fibreglass and steel construction.
• 12 feet from nose to tail and 9.5 feet tall.
• Cast hose nozzle finished in Luminore brass.
• The sculptural form was CNC carved from a 3D file provided by the artist and then hand sculpted to the desired finish.

At the ready and standing nearly 10 feet tall, Sadie, a sculpture of the iconic firehouse Dalmatian welcomes visitors to the Strathcona County Station 6 fire station. Conceived by artist Craig LeBlanc and fabricated by F&D Scene Changes Ltd., the fibreglass and steel sculpture pays homage to one of the most beloved symbols of firefighting and the brave team that protects us each day.

Starting with the 3D file provided by the artist, we carved a foam plug on our CNC mill. Our sculptors then hand finished the plug to the satisfaction of the artist. Then we proceeded to build a metal armature to support the sculpture, especially at the vulnerable points. Once the frame was inserted, the dog form was mudded, sanded and a layer of polyurethane was applied. After drying and sanding, the hardcoat was encapsulated in a final coat of fibreglass and then painted. An interesting challenge of the build was the firehose and nozzle. Originally we had planned on using an authentic fire hose but it did not translate well in situ as the scale was off. We then experimented with different sizes of irrigation hoses before finally settling on one with a 6 inch diameter that fit the piece perfectly. The hose was fitted with metal armature for strength and durability. The nozzle was actually a cast piece that was finished in Luminore brass. Next time you are in the area, be sure to drop by and see Strathcona’s newest mascot.

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Photo’s courtesy of Craig Leblanc of The White Studio