Project Description

NGC Product Solutions

Umbrealla Man

Fabrication Highlights:

• 3D model created in ZBrush.

• CNC carved foam sculpture with interior steel framer for support.

• Scenic paint over polyurea.

When NGC Product Solutions was looking to bring their two-dimensional icon into full full three dimensional life, F&D Scene Change was ready for the job.

The character, known thus far as Umbrella Man had been in existence on the written page for sometime, but they needed him brought into a 3D plane to be used at a series of upcoming trade shows. The design team at F&D Scene Changes were able to work from the print images and develop a full 3D model using ZBrush software.

Using the model we tool pathed the information to our CNC machine and cut out the form in foam. We then added a steel armature and had our sculptors hand finish the piece in preparation to be coated in polyurea for strength and longevity. Finally our scenic painters worked their magic to finish the piece as shown in the photo.

Standing about 6 feet high from floor to umbrella, Umbrella Man made a big impact at is inaugural trade show and now lives at the NGC showroom.