Project Description

Marineland – Polar Splash

Narwhals! Belugas! Dolphins! And of course, Polar Bears!

F&D Scene Changes was thrilled with the opportunity to work with general contractor UCC Group and the designers at TerraPlan Landscape Architects to bring Marineland’s Polar Splash to the World!

Our team of sculptors pored over endless drawings and photos of Marineland animals to ensure accuracy for each sculpture. Once this research was done, the fun began. Hand carving, tweaking and smoothing each piece. It’s not every day we have the chance to work on life size Polar Bears. Fiberglass was the next step in our Marineland adventure. These master sculptors were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring our animals were able to withstand our target audience – children! Factoring in the water park theme, our fiberglass team was able to create a durable coating that will last for years to come while keeping a safe environment for the park’s youngest visitors. Many of the sculptures also had integrated spray nozzles.

Scenic paint, a weapon in the hands of our talented team of artists, there was nothing that could stop them from lovingly attacking each sculpture with one goal in mind. Personality and beauty! Each sculpture was hand painted; ensuring the true personality of the sculptures would shine through.

Please see the attached photos. Some of these photos were taken in our shop, while photo credit was listed on the others.