Project Description

CrossIron Mills

Giant Fish Pendant Lighting

Fabrication Highlights:

• 8 Giant Fish pendants in total.
• Hand painted scenic finish.
• LED lighting.

The school of Fish Pendant Lights are another charismatic feature of the Vaughan Mills Mall expansion and renovation. All 8 fish were handcrafted and installed by F&D Scene Changes as part of the immersive and themed shopping experience.

Constructed with a steel frame, painted acrylic scales, and LED lighting; each fish has its own distinct look. The unique luminescent painted scales and fin shapes compliment the glowing underbelly of each fish that brings a sense of life and movement to the landscape of the ceiling as visitors walk below.

This school of fish can be spotted near the Bass Pro Shop at the West end of the mall. But be careful- they range in size from 215 lbs for a 12 footer to 450 lbs for a 25 footer. Now that’s a big fish!

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