Project Description

Edmonton International Airport Adds Sports Themed Carousels

We’ve all been there before, waiting impatiently for your bag to drop down the luggage chute at the airport. Well, the folks at the Edmonton International Airport have done something to make that wait a little easier. Working with F&D Scene Changes and sports partners the Edmonton Oilers, the Edmonton Eskimos and the Edmonton Oil Kings, the Airport used three carousels as a blank canvas and transformed them into pure sports eye candy for the avid Edmonton sports fan.

The Edmonton Oilers carousel features life sized sports heroes clad in full team gear posed in their familiar “Salute to the Fans” stance. Complete with an Oiler supplied video feed, game scoreboard and full graphics treatment, the luggage carousel provides a warm fan welcome for the travel weary.

Over on the Eskimos carousel, hulking players are sacking the support columns and protecting their 13 Grey Cups from past Championships that are stacked proudly (with room reserved for the 14th). A giant Eskimos’ helmet sits at the ready next to a power station that collects the energy generated by the fans that feeds directly into the players for an on-field boost of fan-based primal courage.

Remember that old table-top hockey game that transported you into the big leagues as a child? Well, so do the Edmonton Oil Kings except this time you’re playing in life-sized scale! The cutout players are supported by a light and sound show that really helps capture the wide-eyed excitement of your youth. A fitting backdrop for this WHL powerhouse.

Working with the EIA on developing a sports themed strategy for the carousels was an exciting proposition. F&D’s Design Team worked with input from all stakeholders to develop the concepts for the carousel. Speaking of teams, it was a real team effort at the shop to transform those initial sketches into physical reality. Nearly every one of our talented workforce was involved in one way or another, taking pride in working on this very exciting project.