Project Description

Calgary Public Library

Working Together to Create Interactive Spaces

In 2017, in conjunction with the Calgary Public Library and the Library Foundation, F&D Scene Changes created 5 Early Learning Centres across the city. Each library began with careful space planning and consultations with the individual branches to determine layout prior to more detailed design. We then fabricated with careful consideration of the safety and practicality of these spaces, understanding that children are experiential learners and are very hands-on when they play!

Space Planning and Concept Design

It is only through close collaboration with our project team and library partners that we are able to develop a final design and progress to fabrication and installation. Together, we select paint finishes, textures, and materials, all while incorporating existing structural, lighting, and sprinkler locations into our final layout. Each Early Learning Centre is developed in a dimensionally accurate visual space in order to check site lines, scale and building code. From this point, our team of designers and drafters further refines each design element prior to fabrication. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a design which meets the needs of the visitors, balances the impact of contemporary playful design with facility restrictions and requirements, and uses the available budget efficiently.

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