Project Description

Calgary Zoo – Dinny’s Green

Dinny’s Green

After completing a design presentation for the Calgary Zoo, F&D Scene Changes was awarded the theming contract for the new historical space “Dinny’s Green”.   This project included fabrication of a Faux Rammed Earth wall, which creates a backdrop to their restored Dinny the Brontosaurus, a Donor wall and accompanying signage and of course Mini Dinny! 

Visitors are guided to this family friendly area via an Entry Arch reminiscent of an historical arch that once occupied this space.  The fabrication of Mini Dinny, a concrete miniature replica of the Calgary Zoo’s much beloved Dinny, allows guests to partake in photo opportunities was a hands-on task involving the departments of design, sculpting, welding and scenic paint.  Situated inside a planter bed, with the 7 granite elephants, are inscribed “Elephant Paw Prints” bearing the names of Brawn Family members, the generous donors of this green space.  The Donor Wall, recognizing the many contributors to the Calgary Zoo, was designed with elements representing the flora and fauna from the past.  F&D created a play of natural colours using Corten Weathering Steel, Stainless Steel and Bonze plate.  The Earth wall creating a natural backdrop for Dinny, was constructed from wood and concrete.