Project Description

Calgary Zoo

Penguin Plunge

F&D Scene Changes along with The Calgary Zoo, Portico Group, Ledcor Construction, COST of Wisconsin, created the unique exhibit, “Penguin Plunge”. Built in 2016, this structure provides a home to four different species of Penguins: Humboldt, Gentoo, Rockhopper and King Penguins.

F&D provided theming elements such as the main introductory sign including the King Penguin & Chick photo opportunity, life size penguin sculptures and all the interpretive and image signage. As well as the feature element – Donor recognition.

Live size sculptures take hours of research before the modeling stage begins. Finding the correct species, age, sex, and pose, must be chosen before the accuracy of final size and body proportions take place.

From there, the use of computer generated modeling to build the digital form, the shapes are created both digitally and mechanically, textures are added with a variety of materials, using a variety of techniques. Colour from our Scenic Paint department brings these wonderful creatures to life!