Project Description

Calgary Zoo

Panda Passage

In 2016, F&D joined up with PCL Construction Inc., Zeidler Architectural, Jones and Jones Architects and the Calgary Zoo to further design and fabricate the themed components for the new “Panda Passage” at the Calgary Zoo.

Working closely with the above team, F&D further designed details, advised and sampled colours, materials and finishes from architectural drawings and exhibit design renderings. Once approvals were in place, construction began. Elements such as the Main Entry Gate, Covered Bridge Railings, the Pavilion and the retail buildings decorative panels, Interior and Exterior facades and shelters began undergoing their transformation with the application of Asian related theming components.

Colour, texture and life were added to Interior and Exterior walls, glass received Asian landscaped images, steel animal barriers were painted to resemble realistic bamboo and an Interpretive screen was designed for Panda graphics and queuing line control.

Calgary Zoo wins international recognition for Panda Habitat, please see link below.

Calgary Zoo’s Panda Passage wins Interpretation Canada Award of Excellence.