Project Description

Early Learning Centres

F&D Scene Changes Ltd., was proud to partner with Calgary Public Library to create their new Early Learning Centres for Crowfoot; Signal Hill; Saddletown; Shawnessy and Forest Lawn libraries.  Each Early Learning Centre has a distinctive concept that required our specialized team of designers, sculptors, carpenters and scenic painters to work closely with the Calgary Public Library team in order to meet this vision.  The learning centres were assessed with the communities they serve. Incorporating indoor stroller parking, space for coats and shoes while maximizing the area they have available to make a child friendly space to encourage movement, play and active learning.  Each piece, whether it’s a bookshelf, reading nook or prop had to be colourful, durable, functional and safe. F&D’s team of professionals carefully constructed each piece of this project to ensure an area that is both appealing to the early learners, but also for families to meet and relax while their little people explore the wondrous world of the Calgary Public Library!     Calgary Public Library Early Learning Strategy – Early Learning Strategy.