Project Description

Giant Cheeto

F&D was approached with the idea of making a 17’ Cheeto statue to go along with the Pepsi Co. campaign announcing the word “Cheetle” defined as the orange dust left behind on your fingers after eating Cheetos. The Cheetle statue is located in the small hamlet called Cheadle, AB until November 4th 2022.  The Cheeto and fingers were carved out of foam, hard coated, and painted to match the colour of the perfect Cheeto. This Cheeto has taken social media by storm and has people from all over Alberta taking a road trip out to Cheadle to see the statue. If you make the trip out to Cheadle please share your photos with us on social media with these hashtags #CheetleinCheadle and #ItsaCheetosThing  or by tagging @FDscenechanges