The Paint Department consists of talent ranging from industrial/automotive, journeymen/women, to scenic painters and artists. We have such a vast array of talent as each painter contributes his/her own artistic background, professional experiences and expert skills to the F&D paint team.

Our lead scenic artist, Dana Schnirer, works directly with designers, architects, directors and associates creating and sampling finishes that once were photos, story boards, and colour charts. She then coordinates her team to turn these into painted backdrops, collaged and textured scenery or fine automotive sleek finishes.

Our capable team of painters have hands-on knowledge of paint products, F&Ds private paint mix recipes, and understand the sustainability of products as well as their reactive components. This know-how is pertinent for using the natural chemistry of product mixes to economically achieve essential surface textures and convincing faux effects, and also to deliver the proper durability as required by the project.