Sewing & Soft Goods

The Soft Goods Department makes stage draperies, awnings, appliques, soft props, upholstery, stitched drops, drop alterations and more.Their knowledge of soft goods products is immeasurable, and a neccessity for achieving the proper texture, color, and light transferring effects, as required by the design. With such an immense amount of knowledge, experience, and creative energy, the soft goods team can create anything from textiles, and in any size.

Wendy Haffner, together with Marjie Bagherpour lead the soft goods production staff. They have a solid understanding of the sculptural capabilities of fabrics, and extensive experience in creating unique soft props, enormous stage draperies, functional awnings and so much more.

Stage Draperies for Tokyo Disney Seas
Stage Draperies for Tokyo Disney Seas.